1. My TOK Essay 2017. Topic 6.

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    October 23, 2017 by AV61298

    We see beauty in patterns, and we see beauty in chaos, and then we look for patterns in chaos. This is me trying to make sense of a few things.

  2. Titanic’s Very Wealthy Passengers.

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    August 31, 2017 by AV61298

    Cruel with little exception, they are a product of their own times, the era of the class-system.

  3. Seventh Heaven – A Short Story

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    March 19, 2016 by AV61298

    South Bombay. A small family owned place. Old school decor, complete with the plaid wallpaper and vintage artifacts decorating the walls. The tables are casually decked in red checked tablecloths, complete with carved wooden chairs. Green and blue fairy lights run across the room, upon a ceiling trellis.

  4. In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge? 

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    November 17, 2015 by AV61298

    There are people who like to see arguments being challenged, and there are people who prefer when what is said is agreed with. The former will be able to easily spot fallacious claims, and will be open to researching a plethora of fields just to ensure a claim’s credibility and are aware of possible faults.

  5. It All Came From The Shower – A short story

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    September 27, 2015 by AV61298

    Wordlessly handing out bananas to strangers is fun. I should do this more often.

  6. Torvald Helmer- Villain or Victim?

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    September 20, 2015 by AV61298

    Society in the nineteenth century had a specific framework for men, as husbands and fathers, to abide by. Torvald Helmer is one such man who was brought up in that era. It is evident that some of his being was a result of that society’s deep conditioning and tempering. However, he also possesses traits such as chauvinism, male pride and owner syndrome that are still relevant and present in some of the modern world’s males.

  7. Despicable Indian Aunty – An Exaggerated Character Sketch

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    July 28, 2015 by AV61298

    Nothing in here is meant to hurt the sentiments of others. If, for any reason, it offends you, I apologise …
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